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Are You Technically Talented?

Graduating College Technically Talented

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If you ask most college freshmen, they will assure you they are the most technically talented person in their family. After all, they are on their iPhones, tweeting or posting to Facebook 24/7 and extremely proficient in the latest computer games. And most have received some form of computer courses while still in High School. But can they:

  • Apply those technical talents in the business world?
  • Build and maintain a website, not just use a template?
  • Apply Social Media in a business forum?
  • Integrate a vast variety of software tools?
  • Choose hardware/software that saves time, money and frustration?

Whichever degree pursued, technical skills are not just for computer programmers anymore. Art, Christian Ministry, Education majors and even Lawyers benefit from being technically talented. Below are a few examples:

ART MAJORS and those who are drawn to art discover technology can add to their creativity and provide a lucrative means of support:
Megan Fuxa (’13), Graphic Designer, Wilson Art, LLC & Senior Artist at Painting with a Twist, found that exercising her analytical side with computer courses proved beneficial: “My computer and technical skills have made me very confident in my abilities and I am already far exceeding my job requirements and receiving amazing feedback.”

Chris Ayer (’13)Freelance Animator and Game Designer: “I learned how to bring new life to my works through technology, and make them a more immersive experience that can be fun and interactive. I can now apply these skills towards my studies in animation and game design. Not to mention it helped to discover my abilities in web design.”

CHRISTIAN STUDIES/MISSION WORK often calls many after graduation. Take the following UMHB CGD/MMIT grads:
Chris Webster (’05), Assistant Pastor of Grace Bible Church – “If we want to know and reach and lead people in an increasingly isolated and fast-paced world, we need to meet them where they live and become fluent in their ways of communicating.”

Jacob Brenton (’13), B.S. CGD wArt & Christian Studies minors, Campus Missionary Intern, South Plains BSM – “With so much junk online, we need Christians who will create and innovate media that is wholesome and ultimately, points to Christ.”

EDUCATION is a field others find themselves pulled to after graduation:
Cheryl Blake (’09), B.S. CGD wArt minor, followed by Education Certification preK thru 6th Grade – “The ability to build or update an existing class web page is a wonderful way to keep parents informed.“

LAW is not a typical field for someone graduating with a degree in CGD:
Andrew Wolfe (’06) decided to continue his education and is now the Assistant County & District Attorney, Falls County District – “A ‘toolbox’ of technical skills is one of the most highly valuable intangible assets that one can acquire.” [His technical skills have even helped him prove and win a high profile case.]

Technology could be an isolating tool, but technically talented grads who have learned the best practices to use computers, software, information systems and Social Media are able to reach customers, express their artistic flair, inspire students, spread the Word of God or even prove their legal case and are better prepared for life after college. The CGD program has evolved over the last twenty years into the Multimedia & Information Technology (MMIT) major and minor. The typical MMIT graduate from the McLane College of Business finds lucrative employment in a variety of positions such as web & multimedia designer/developers, business analysts, technical & creative producers/directors at TV stations throughout Texas, and even artists, teachers, pastors and lawyers!

Read the full blog on UMHB’s blog. For more information on the Multimedia & Information Technology (MMIT) Program, contact:

Ms. Donna Teel – dteel@umhb.edu    or    Mrs. Effel Harper – eharper@umhb.edu


Author: Ms. Donna J. Morris, PMP

Ms. Morris came to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor to continue her education after serving 20 highly decorated years [six MSMs] and retiring as a First Sergeant in the U.S. Army. While working as a Graphics Designer at Professional DataSolutions, Inc., Temple, Texas, Ms. Morris completed her B.S. and then M.S.I.S. at UMHB. She has earned her PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification. As the Computer Graphics Design (CGD)/Multimedia & Information Technology (MMIT) Program Director, Ms. Teel has helped guide and expand the CGD program which was recently re-designated MMIT. She developed and secured approval for the CGD/MMIT Minor and an Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor, helped develop a Web Design Minor, along with many new courses now in the Multimedia & Information Technology degree program: Intermediate Dynamic Web Design, Digital Video Editing; Interactive Multimedia; Post Production; and Animation, Film and Multimedia Production. Ms. Morris teaching philosophy is to prepare students for their future careers utilizing as many real world, professional hands-on projects as possible. Over the last fifteen years, she has successfully coordinated class projects each semester designing and developing websites, creating Public Service Announcements, and a multitude of promotional items for primarily local non-profit and service organizations. A few examples include: Odyssey Hospice and Home Health Care Center, UMHB Baptist Student Ministry, Helping Hands, Hope for the Hungry, Ronald McDonald House, Freedom Place, numerous local churches, and United Way of Central Texas. She has built relationships with many local businesses resulting in reoccurring internships and numerous practical projects, for pay, for individual students. Ms. Morris believes in providing the technical tools; skills, best practices in business, project planning/management, design and UX/UI, and most critically instilling a lifelong appreciation for continued learning. She regularly brings in as Guest Speakers CGD/MMIT graduates who hold professional positions in various multimedia fields; i.e. Executive, Technical and Creative Producers at many Texas TV stations (KCEN-TV, KVUE-TV, WOAI-TV, etc.); Motion Picture & Visual Effects Designer; Business Systems Analysts; Marketing and Print Designers; Director of Creative Services; and Web Developers & Designers. Ms. Teel continues to keep her own skills current by working with outside companies, such as Video Editor and DVD Designer for Starbuck's Regional promotional videos; Producer, Online Training Modules for UPI [Unique] Pharmaceuticals; Consultant, Computer Based Training for Professional Data Solutions, Inc.; CGI and graphics work on various Austin 48 Hour Film Projects; and other professional consulting and freelance multimedia, film & graphics work across the country. Her peers have nominated her for the UMHB Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching 2007 - 2013.

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